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As a former All-American triathlete (+ prior cardio addict!) – I too believed it was more miles, reps, weight and MORE TIME.  I was voted Texas Coach of the Year by Competitor Magazine and coached HUNDREDS of athletes with that exact mind-set.  It wasn’t until I tore my calf racing my husband up Vail Mountain that I needed a new workout, without traditional ‘cardio.’  That’s when I met Danny, the creator of the 8Method™.  He got me in WAY BETTER SHAPE than my Ironman days with ZERO TRADITIONAL CARDIO (+4 KIDS LATER!). I was blown away by the precision based, data driven results you could achieve in just 8 MINUTES. FUN, heart racing, total body, spot sculpting circuits!  The perfect fitness supplement to anything you’re already doing!  We can’t wait to show you how to get MORE out of ONE REP vs DOZENS. OUR GUARANTEE – you will never look at ONE REP the same way again! Your best life awaits…JOIN US!